The 4th Vietnam Textile Summit 2018

The 4th Vietnam Textile Summit 2018

  • 时间:2018-06-27 09:00至2018-06-28 17:00
  • 地点:Hanoi, Vietnam
  • 主办方:ECV International
  • 规模:100-200人


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China plays a quite important role in such fields as footwear production, trade and consumption. In recent 20 years, China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India and other Asian countries have been witnessing a rapid development in the footwear industry. Moreover, footwear production in above countries accounts for 80% of global total production, becoming the crucial base for footwear production. In combination of Industry 4.0 development and the “Made in China 2025” strategy, the current trend of globalization for footwear industry shows that raw materials and manual labor have not been the only competitive factors in footwear industry any longer. It is crucial for footwear industry to seek the answer of achieving transformation and upgrading and leaping development at the present stage.

At the summit, we will deeply analyze R&D and purchase of new materials, and fast and efficient supply chain development with a global view, focusing on new retail and reform of footwear manufacture, including application of new scientific and technological achievements, automatic production reform and digital supply chain management.

In addition, by discussing the latest development status and trend of footwear industry in China and other Asian countries at the Summit, we are aiming to provide an exchange and cooperation platform, jointly promoting the transformation and upgrading as well as sustainable development of footwear industry in China and other Asian countries.

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